Top 10 Travel Filmmakers on Youtube

The Top 10 Travel Filmmakers on Youtube

Before we start

First of all this list is not conclusive meaning that it’s just a personal opinion from the Filmspace team. Videography isn’t about being the best but about connecting, inspiring and being inspired by and with other videographers. This is for us the most important and why we also created the platform Filmspace.

"Filmmaking is about inspiring, inspiration and connecting with other videographers. It's not a competition."

This is why we want to share these creators that we look up to so much so you can learn about them.

1. Sam Kolder

Sam is a filmmaker from Toronto known for his many travel and creative videos around the world that were uploaded onto his Youtube channel that goes by “KOLD”. He started making videos very early on and became clearly ahead of the game with his talent.


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