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First of all this list is not conclusive meaning that it’s just a personal opinion from the Filmspace team. Videography isn’t about being the best but about connecting, inspiring and being inspired by and with other videographers. This is for us the most important and why we also created the platform Filmspace.


This is why we want to share these creators that we look up to so much so you can learn about them.

Sam Kolder - Crafting Cinematic 

Brilliance in the World of Vlogging

Sam is a filmmaker from Toronto known for his many travel and creative videos around the world that were uploaded onto his Youtube channel that goes by “KOLD”

He started making videos very early on and became clearly ahead of the game with his talent.

YouTube is a platform that allows creators to express themselves in myriad ways, and among its diverse content, a genre that stands out is the world of vlogging. With the advent of high-quality consumer cameras, this format has been elevated to new heights, often blurring the line between home videos and professional filmmaking. 

Leading the pack in this new wave of cinematic vlogging is Sam Kolder.

A Cinematic Approach to Vlogging

Sam Kolder isn't your everyday vlogger. His work is characterized by a distinctly cinematic style that sets his content apart. Every video on his channel tells a captivating story, but it's not just the narrative that keeps viewers hooked. The magic lies in how these stories are visually conveyed.

The Magic of Visual Storytelling

Kolder's skill in creating breathtaking visuals is exceptional. He goes beyond conventional vlog aesthetics to compose shots that wouldn't be out of place in a Hollywood blockbuster. His keen eye for detail, light, and color allows him to capture moments and environments in a way that is both immersive and emotionally engaging.

Beyond Capturing, Crafting Moments

More than just capturing incredible shots, Kolder is known for his intricate editing work. He masterfully blends visual sequences and music to set the mood for his stories, often combining different filming techniques such as time lapses, drone shots, and hyperlapse to create a rich, dynamic viewing experience.

Adventure and Inspiration

Kolder's vlogs often follow his personal adventures, from breathtaking travelogues to extreme sports experiences. His work inspires not just because of the stories he tells, but also due to the visual feast he offers. He encourages viewers to step out of their comfort zones and to seek beauty and excitement in the world around them.

Mastering the Craft

More than just a content creator, Kolder also serves as an educator for aspiring filmmakers. Through his "KOLD" cut tutorials, he gives an in-depth look into how he creates his masterpieces, sharing valuable knowledge and insights into his creative process.

Sam Kolder has indeed redefined what it means to be a vlogger. His blend of cinematic aesthetics, engaging storytelling, and technical proficiency has set a new benchmark for what can be achieved in the realm of YouTube content creation. His work is a testament to the power of creativity and the endless possibilities of filmmaking, even within the seemingly everyday domain of vlogging.

Natalie Lynn - Mastering the Art of Storytelling on YouTube

In the bustling realm of YouTube, standing out among the millions of content creators can be a daunting task. But there are those who carve out their niche and rise above the rest, using their unique skill sets to captivate viewers worldwide. Among these talents is Natalie Lynn, a rising YouTuber who has captivated audiences through her mastery of storytelling.

Narrative Brilliance

Natalie's narrative skills are second to none. Her ability to weave compelling tales filled with tension and compelling characters holds viewers spellbound from the first second to the last. Her videos aren't just a sequence of events; they're a journey that she invites each viewer to embark on with her.

Emotional Engagement

What sets Natalie Lynn apart from many other YouTubers is her ability to establish a profound emotional connection with her audience. Using a blend of humor, excitement, suspense, and even moments of melancholy, she crafts narratives that resonate on a deeply personal level. Her videos do more than just tell a story; they make you feel a part of it.

Creativity Unleashed

Natalie's creativity shines brightly in every video she crafts. Her knack for adding unique and unexpected twists to seemingly everyday experiences keeps her content fresh and engaging. It's never just another day or another event with Natalie; there's always a twist, a revelation, a moment of awe that keeps viewers coming back for more.

Effective Communication

Aside from her storytelling prowess, Natalie is an expert communicator. She has a knack for expressing her thoughts and narrating her stories in a clear, concise manner that makes it easy for viewers to follow along. It's not just about what she says, but also how she says it that keeps her viewers captivated.


Above all, Natalie Lynn's authenticity shines through in every video she posts. She's not afraid to be herself, sharing both her triumphs and trials with her audience. This honest, genuine approach has helped her build a strong connection with her viewers who appreciate her transparency and realness.

In conclusion, Natalie Lynn represents the essence of what it means to be a successful YouTuber in today's digital age. She combines narrative skill, emotional engagement, creativity, effective communication, and authenticity to create a compelling YouTube presence that continues to grow. 

Gaston Luna - Painting the World with Stories and Colors

In the realm of YouTube filmmaking, certain names stand out for their exceptional talent and creative vision. Among these talents is the Argentinian filmmaker, Gaston Luna. Known for his awe-inspiring travel videos and profound storytelling, Luna is making waves in the digital world.

A Storyteller at Heart

Gaston Luna is not just a filmmaker; he's a masterful storyteller. As he travels around the globe, he doesn't simply document his experiences; he crafts compelling narratives around them. From bustling city streets to serene natural landscapes, every setting becomes a character in Luna's captivating tales.

The Art of Color Grading

What sets Luna apart from many other filmmakers is his incredible skill in color grading. His videos are visually stunning, characterized by vibrant hues and rich contrasts that bring each frame to life. Luna knows that color isn't just about aesthetics; it's a powerful tool in storytelling, shaping mood, highlighting details, and drawing the viewer into the world he's created.

A Global Perspective

As an Argentinian filmmaker, Luna brings a unique perspective to his work. His Latin American roots inform his storytelling style, while his globetrotting adventures infuse his narratives with diverse cultural insights. Luna's films are a celebration of the world's beauty and diversity, an exploration of what unites us, and a reflection on what makes each place and each culture unique.

Beyond Filmmaking

But Luna's contributions extend beyond his own work. As a prominent figure in the digital filmmaking community, he's also committed to sharing his knowledge and inspiring others. Through his behind-the-scenes videos and tutorials, he provides valuable insights into his creative process and teaches viewers the art of storytelling and color grading.

In conclusion, Gaston Luna represents the new generation of digital filmmakers who are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with a camera and a vision. His work combines exceptional storytelling, masterful color grading, and a deep appreciation for the world's diversity to create content that not only entertains but also educates and inspires.

Danny Gevirtz - Mastering the Craft of Cinematic Storytelling and Film

YouTube has become a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their talents, and among the sea of content, certain creators have risen above the rest due to their distinctive styles and techniques. 

One such creator is Danny Gevirtz, a commercial filmmaker, YouTuber, and recently turned movie director who is known for his brilliant narrative storytelling, superb color grading, eye for composition, and more.

Narrative Storytelling

Storytelling lies at the heart of every great film, and Danny Gevirtz understands this better than most. His work often combines suspense and anticipation, weaving a narrative thread that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Whether he's exploring bustling cityscapes or quiet natural vistas, Danny's storytelling ability brings depth and nuance to every scene.

Color Grading and Quality

Just as a painter uses color to convey emotion, Danny uses color grading as a powerful storytelling tool. His work is characterized by a vibrant yet sophisticated color palette that brings each frame to life. Paired with the high production quality of his videos, Danny's color grading skills help him create visuals that are nothing short of cinematic.

A Keen Eye for Composition

Composition is the backbone of any visual medium, and Danny's keen eye for this aspect of filmmaking is one of his greatest strengths. Whether he's setting up a shot for a commercial project or framing a scene for his YouTube videos, Danny's understanding of balance, symmetry, and visual hierarchy allows him to create beautifully composed shots that captivate the viewer's attention.

Beyond Filmmaking

Danny's talents extend beyond the confines of his own work. He has used his YouTube platform to educate aspiring filmmakers, sharing valuable insights into the technical and creative aspects of the filmmaking process. His tutorials and behind-the-scenes content provide a glimpse into his creative process, serving as both an inspiration and a resource for those looking to hone their own filmmaking skills.
In conclusion, Danny Gevirtz represents a unique blend of creative vision, technical skill, and passion for his craft. His work is a testament to the endless possibilities of filmmaking, showing us that the art of storytelling can take many forms, from commercial projects and YouTube videos to full-length feature films.

Niklas Christl - Personal Narratives and Growth Through the Lens

In the vast universe of YouTube, every creator brings their unique flavor to the platform. Some stand out due to their remarkable ability to combine personal narratives, self-development insights, and filmmaking process. 

One such influencer is Niklas Christl, a filmmaker who offers not only exceptional visual content but also valuable life lessons.

A Filmmaker's Perspective on Personal Narratives

One of the key elements that set Niklas apart is his ability to weave engaging personal narratives into his videos. He goes beyond showcasing his experiences and transforms them into relatable stories. Through his masterful storytelling, viewers get to walk a mile in his shoes, resonating with his highs and lows and growing with him through his journeys.

Promoting Personal Development

Niklas Christl is not just about sharing his life; he's about inspiring growth. He takes his personal narrative a step further by infusing his content with insights on personal development. He's not just a filmmaker; he's a mentor, encouraging his viewers to introspect, learn, and grow along with him.

Masterful Filmmaking

Niklas's storytelling is complemented by his exceptional filmmaking skills. His videos boast high production quality, with excellent cinematography and thoughtful editing that enhances the narrative. His mastery of the visual medium allows him to present his personal stories and self-development lessons in an engaging, impactful way.

Active Community Engagement

Perhaps what makes Niklas Christl even more distinctive is his active involvement in the community. He doesn't just create content; he engages with his audience, fostering a sense of community among his viewers. He listens, responds, and makes his followers feel seen and heard, creating a deeper connection that goes beyond the screen.
In conclusion, Niklas Christl is more than just a filmmaker; he's a storyteller, a mentor, and a community leader.

Through his personal narratives, lessons on personal development, filmmaking talent, and active community involvement, he has carved out a unique niche in the digital world, inspiring countless individuals along the way.

Bryn North - The One-Man Army of Run-and-Gun Filmmaking

In the dynamic world of filmmaking, some artists shatter the conventional boundaries and redefine what it means to create visual narratives. Bryn North, with his unique run-and-gun approach to filmmaking, is a shining example of this innovative spirit.

Master of Run-and-Gun Filmmaking

Run-and-gun filmmaking is a style known for its spontaneity and flexibility. It's about capturing the world as it unfolds, often with minimal equipment and crew. Bryn North, however, takes this concept to another level. Despite working mostly solo, his videos boast the quality and richness of productions made by a crew of ten or more. His work is a testament to his prowess as a filmmaker and his ability to capture and convey stories with depth and precision.

The Art of Rhythm and Flow

One of the distinguishing features of Bryn's work is the rhythmic flow he brings to his videos. His ability to stitch together sequences in a way that creates a sense of rhythm is simply remarkable. Whether it's syncing clips to a music track or creating visual continuity between shots, Bryn's videos never miss a beat. His content feels like a dance, where every element moves in harmony with the others.

Highlighting Cultures Through His Lens

Bryn North's work is not just visually stunning; it's culturally insightful. His ability to portray different cultures in a respectful and compelling manner is one of his greatest strengths. As he travels and explores, he captures the essence of the places he visits, showcasing their unique traditions, lifestyles, and landscapes. Through his lens, cultures around the world come alive, allowing viewers to experience them in a raw and immersive way.

In conclusion, Bryn North represents a new breed of filmmakers who are breaking traditional barriers and pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved single-handedly. His knack for rhythmic storytelling, coupled with his profound representation of cultures, makes him a standout creator in the filmmaking community.

Justkay - Embarking on Journeys of Faith and Film

The world of YouTube travel vlogging is diverse and vibrant, and among its many colorful personalities, Justkay stands out with his unique approach. Not only does he share his journeys around the globe, but he also delivers a powerful message: anyone can take a leap of faith to pursue their dreams.

Journeys Beyond the Map

Traveling, for Justkay, is not just about exploring new places; it's about embracing new experiences, meeting new people, and growing personally. His travel videos offer viewers a window to the world, showcasing the beauty, diversity, and spirit of the destinations he visits. However, his content transcends traditional travel vlogging, incorporating personal reflections and insights that make his journeys even more impactful.

Inspirational Leap of Faith

At the core of Justkay's content is a message of inspiration. He advocates for the power of taking a leap of faith to chase one's dreams. His personal journey serves as a testament to this belief, inspiring his viewers to venture outside their comfort zones and pursue their goals with determination and courage.

Travel Films That Feel Like Movies

Justkay's focus on cinematic storytelling sets his content apart. He aims to make his travel films feel like movies, focusing heavily on narrative storytelling and color grading. Each video is carefully crafted, with a clear storyline, compelling characters, stunning visuals, and masterful color grading that enhances the mood and atmosphere of his narratives.

In his hands, a travel vlog becomes a cinematic experience, allowing viewers not just to see a place, but to feel its essence and immerse themselves in its story.

Mastering the Art of Color Grading

Color grading plays a crucial role in Justkay's filmmaking process. He understands the transformative power of color and uses it to create visually striking videos. The careful use of color enhances the visual storytelling, shaping the mood, and highlighting the beauty of the landscapes he explores.

In conclusion, Justkay is a creator who embodies the spirit of adventure, both in his travels and in his approach to filmmaking. His content invites viewers not just to see the world through his lens, but also to join him on a journey of personal growth and cinematic exploration.

Gawx Art - Painting Pictures and Stories with Film

In the vast canvas of YouTube, creators find their unique colors and brushstrokes, crafting content that resonates with audiences worldwide. One such creator, Gawx Art, has painted a path from creating videos of his paintings to becoming one of the most compelling filmmakers and storytellers on the platform.

An Unconventional Journey

Gawx Art's journey is anything but typical. Starting with videos about his painting, he slowly but surely evolved into a filmmaker. His early content provided the groundwork, helping him to develop his eye for composition and detail that would later prove instrumental in his filmmaking endeavors.

Exceptional Filmmaking and Storytelling

Gawx's rise to becoming one of YouTube's standout filmmakers is not accidental. The immense work he pours into each video is evident in the end product. His storytelling ability is remarkable, transforming seemingly mundane settings into cinematic landscapes. Gawx doesn't need grand locations or extravagant sets; his genius lies in taking the everyday and making it extraordinary.

Multiple Storylines, One Location

One of Gawx's unique talents is his ability to weave multiple storylines within a singular location. He demonstrates that a story doesn't need to span continents to be compelling. Instead, he proves that the familiar surroundings of a house or a hometown can serve as the backdrop for narratives that are as engaging as they are relatable.

Transforming the Mundane into the Cinematic

Gawx's strength lies in his ability to make the mundane feel like a movie. Everyday tasks, familiar rooms, simple interactions - through his lens, these all take on a cinematic quality. He finds the drama in the daily routine, the humor in the humdrum, and the beauty in the banal. The result? Films that are relatable yet enchanting, grounded yet inspiring.

In conclusion, Gawx Art is a creator who has masterfully blurred the lines between visual arts and filmmaking. His journey serves as a testament to the power of creativity and storytelling, reminding us that sometimes, the most compelling stories are not found in distant lands, but right in our own homes.

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