Correct Usage Policy

The Film Space license allows you to use our products for most purposes, with the most important purpose being commercial use. For more details on our product policies, such as Prohibited Usage  or Prohibited Jurisdictions, make sure you read our Terms & Conditions.

Correct Usage Summary

Active Account

In order to download any Film Space products, including relicensing previous downloads, you must have an active account. 

Single Use Policy

Our library of Free Plug-ins are subject to our single use policy  that protects Film Space’s intellectual property from exploitation. If you wish to use a previously downloaded product in another project, you must relicense it. 

Products Must be Incorporated Into a Larger Project 

Our products must be incorporated into larger projects, You cannot redistribute them as they were when initially downloaded or in a way that exposes the product to extraction.

Public Display and Broadcasting

You may use Film Space products for public projects where our products have been used to create material intended for public display or broadcast, so long as the product is incorporated into a larger project.

End Products Using our products can be Transferred to a Client (sublicensing) 

If you have created an end product for a client using one or more Film Space products, you are permitted to transfer the entire end product to the client (with a limited sublicense of the item rights as part of this). If you are to do this, you must have an active account at the point of transfer and you must ensure the item cannot be extracted from the end product. We recommend informing the client of their responsibilities in this agreement.

Unlimited Copies & Distribution of an End Product 

You can create an unlimited number of copies of end products that use Film Space products, once you have made your purchase you can use your downloads on as many projects as you wish. If your project contains some of our free plug-ins however, your material is subject to our single use policy.

Download Limit

To prevent file sharing, each file is limited to 3 download attempts. However, if you run into difficulty while downloading and exceed your download limit, please do contact us at

Technical Assistance

Experiencing technical issues? Can't find the product you need? Or simply want to get in touch with out team? Contact our friendly staff today with your query and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.




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