Prohibited Usage Policy

The Film Space license allows you to use our products for most purposes, however there are some uses that we do not allow. Below is a summary of what you cannot use our products for. For more details on our product policies, such as Correct Usage  or Prohibited Jurisdictions,  make sure you read our  Terms & Conditions.

Prohibited Usage Summary

No Repackaging or Redistribution of products, even with modifications

All products available on the Film Space website must not be redistributed as stock, as tools or templates or with source files, this includes both free and paid products. You cannot repackage any product seperately or within a bundle even with additional modifications.

No use of products as part of Video Editing Applications. 

Products on Film Space cannot be used as part of application capability for any video editing software which allows users to use the product as an editing option or preset. 

Products Encorporated into End-Products cannot be extracted and used separately

You cannot allow any of the Film Space products you’ve incorporated into end-products such as, but not limited to, advertisements, trailers, vlog materials, films and music, to be extracted or used separately from the end-product. Agreeing to our policy means you take accountability and responsibility to safeguard the products from extraction and will take all reasonable steps to prevent this from happening. We recommend that you inform any client who may receive end-products containing Film Space products of their responsibilities in relation to this. 

No Service Mark Rights or Trademarking of products Included Within the End Product 

You cannot claim trademark or service mark rights for any product used to create the end product. They must be excluded from any trademark or service mark rights for the end product. 

No Sharing of Details or Products 

It is prohibited to share your account details with anyone else, even within the same organization or business. Licensed products can only be used by the licence holder and cannot be shared.

Product installations are limited to two devices. 

All Film Space products can be installed on up to two devices, if a product is installed on more than two devices the user is breaching the Prohibited usage policy as part of our Terms & Conditions and subject to account restrictions. You must have an active Film Space account in order to install our products.

Products can only be used in lawful purposes

You cannot use Film Space products for purposes deemed unlawful. Our products must not be used in material which is offensive, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or demeaning, or promotes discrimination. You cannot use items in a way that creates a fake identity, implies personal endorsement of a product by the person, or in connection with sensitive subjects.  

Download Limit

To prevent file sharing, each file is limited to 3 download attempts. However, if you run into difficulty while downloading and exceed your download limit, please do contact us at

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