Relicensing Policy

Under the conditions discussed in your Film Space License, every time you wish to re-use one of our Free-Plugins it must be relicensed first - even if it is already downloaded to your computer. This is not the case for paid products, any products requiring a transfer of funds are not constrained to the Relicensing policy and can be used on multiple projects. In order to relicense any of your previous free downloads you can find them on 'My Downloads' page within your account dashboard. Simply find the item you want to use again and click ‘relicense’. To help both party’s keep track of your licenses, you must name each project you are obtaining a new license for. 

You might be wondering why we ask our users to relicense their free downloads in accordance with our  single use policy.  The reason is simple; Film Space may run campaigns in the form of sales and seasonal discounts for new or existing users containing content previously only available behind a paywall. This provides great value and opportunity to our community if they are quick enough to catch the offer. If at any point the product is removed from sale and placed back behind a paywall, or a product is removed from the Film Space library entirely, the users rights to use the product (after correct demonstration of our single use policy in using the product once only) will be revoked to protect Film Space’s intellectual property from exploitation.


Paid products are not subject to the single use policy or relicensing policy

Download Limit

To prevent file sharing, each file is limited to 3 download attempts. However, if you run into difficulty while downloading and exceed your download limit, please do contact us at

Technical Assistance

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